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Categories : People & Portraits

Photographs of people are probably everybody's favorite to shoot and to look at. There is something about a set of eyes, the human form, or human activity that seems to always appeal to the viewer and the shooter. People and portraits are as affecting today as they were when photography began over 160 years ago. Do you take fantastic pictures of your friends? Your kids? Some cool looking dude you saw on the corner? Post them in the People & Portraits category!

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Mobile Photo Awards Dutch Doscher

Dutch Doscher is a Freelance Director of after school specials, music videos and short films, for clients including Deloitte, Pfizer, National Geographic, HCCS, Sunburst and Prentice Hall.

He began his career as a Casting Director and soon expanded his horizons to begin directing and making films. His love and talent for photography is a natural extension of his film making prowess.

Dutch's mobile photography images have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world, and he receives as many as 10,000 hits a day for his mobile photo 365 project. 

His travels have inspired him to create images of waterscapes from around the United States, although he has particular affection for the ponds and streams of his native Connecticut.

His street portraits and candids of his daughters are remarkable examples of the spontaneity and stealth of mobile phone photography.