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Here at the MPA we are big fans of music. We often liken a single picture to a song and a series of images to a full-length LP (remember the LP?) – the idea being the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Many times a shot stands on its own - but sometimes a set of images taken together will reveal a bigger picture, we hear the whole album. The story takes on a larger, deeper significance. Check out some of the Mobile Photo essays published by the MPA blog for inspiration!

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The ArtHaus Photo Essay category is a sub-component of the MPA. This category awards it's own prize of $500 separate from all other categories - entrants in this category are also eligible for the grand prize. Each photo essay you submit may include between four (4) and six (6) images along with a brief description. The cost is $25 and may be found on the dropdown purchase menu on your profile page.

Gallerists James Bacchi and Annette Schutz opened ArtHaus in San Francisco's historic Nob Hill in 1996. Since then, the gallery has relocated to SOMA and become one of San Francisco's foremost contemporary fine art venues. 

Bacchi and Schutz emphasize an intimate presentation of museum-quality works, diverse in subject matter, media and style by noteworthy New York and Bay Area artists. Their passion for the work they represent, and the outstanding service they provide for their following of collectors, curators, corporate art advisors, architectural interior designers and visual merchandisers sets ArtHaus apart from more commercial galleries. 

ArtHaus and gallery represented artists continue to capture the attention of publications and electronic media including, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Art in America, New Art Examiner, Metropolitan Home, 7x7, and The Arts & Entertainment Network, ABC-TV News, Charles Schwab ON INVESTING.

Directors Bacchi and Schutz are deeply committed and generously contribute to several important causes and concerns benefited by BREAST CANCER ACTION, ArtforAIDS, Visual Aid, the bay-area Designer Showcases, Philanthropy By Design, Heart of SOMA, Nourish The Children, Dining by Design and Hospitality House.

Watch this space for some exciting news about the ArtHaus Photo Essay Award.