Landscapes & Wildlife

1166_Beales_443In many ways, landscapes are the most difficult kind of photos to produce with a mobile phone camera. Most landscape shots taken with a DSLR have the advantage…of true interchangeable lenses, depth-of-field control, filters and ultra-long exposure times. Mobiles have few of these options. Yet, stunning images of the natural world are produced every day by mobile photographers.

Smartphones typically have the largest viewfinders of all cameras, and this is ideal for making landscape photos. Composition is key in landscape photography and a large viewfinder can help compose the shot easily. Great landscape shots are usually about the available light. When the light, the composition and the subject all come together we get a rich story about the natural world.

The mobile device gives all of us the opportunity to capture those amazing, fleeting moments as they happen in front of us.

4172_20141129164047_4576Stephanie Baker 2014 MPA Landscapes Winner