10th Annual MPA Grand Prize

Before we get to the Grand Prize announcement we wish to acknowledge the following artists for their placement as finalists in our MPA TOP TEN:

Nazaret Sanchez Rodriguez
Anthony Ginns
Nico Brons
Michelle Simmons
William Shum
Mona Jumaan
Jian Zhang
Timofey Rodchenkov
Lianyu Lu
Alessandra Manzotti

Each one of these artists submitted brilliant, compelling work and we celebrate them!

We are pleased to announce Dan Liu as our Grand Prize Winner and the 10th annual MPA Photographer of the year, as chosen by the members of the MPA jury. As we always seek to do at this time, we reward the deepest, most consistently excellent and worthy set of images. The work of Dan Liu fits that description.

Dan Liu is an independent photographer & visual artist who currently lives in Chengdu, China. His work focusses mainly on humanist and landscape photography.

Dan has traveled to nearly 50 countries around the world & 100 cities in China where he explores & records the relationship among various social & cultural groups, as well as their unique characteristics. He is a contributor to a number of media and photo agencies & has held lectures at Peking University, Tsinghua University, Communication University of China, among others.


“The photos of Dan Liu captivate with interesting frames and we can not help but stop for a longer time to see the story contained within.”MPA Jury Member Dominika Koszowska



“Without a doubt, his mastery of composition, perspective, light, emotion in actions and portraits; together with a good choice of the decisive moment, make him worthy of the award”MPA Jury Member Rodrigo Rivas


Dan Liu is the Winner of our 2020 Grand Prize & the 10th MPA Photographer of Year.
Photos shot with Apple iPhone11 ProMax