We are pleased to announce Glenn Homann of Australia as our 2022 Grand Prize Winner and the 12th annual MPA Photographer of the year.  

Glenn Homann’s mobile photography is remarkable on so many levels.
He takes us with him through a broad sweep of genres with particular mastery of light & shape, character & narrative. From landscapes to architecture, portraits & street photography, Glenn repeatedly locates the visual ephemera at the intersection of geometry & color.
Homann’s work is both playful & mysterious, open to the strange & out-of-place, yet often familiar. That’s the power in the photos: they inhabit the space between a happenstance of light & what we can learn about our world at any given moment. Sometimes things fit together and sometimes they just don’t. The difference might only be time. Glenn’s often successful search for these impromptu, fleeting feats of visual balance show a deeply thoughtful photographic mind.

My name is Glenn Homann, and I currently live in Brisbane, Australia. I am a passionate Mobile Photographer and hold down a full time job as a storeman in a local factory.

Old Mate 
I love that mobile photography has allowed me to take up the challenge of satisfying the creative urge inside, whilst allowing me to develop as a photographer.

Eyeing Ibis 
It is very easy to churn out images that are a little off track that might be considered creative, but great photography is, as I’ve discovered, a coming together of many, many elements.

Cross Here 

“I believe firmly that light is everything where photography is concerned.” – MPA Photographer of the Year Glenn Homann

Under natural lighting and all things being equal, everything has that one moment during the day when its beauty is unsurpassed. Even an “ugly” thing has a flickering, fleeting moment of radiant beauty.

Toward the Light 
Many great painters and their works have helped to shape my visual style including John Constable in the late 1700’s and his evocative, realistic landscapes.

It Went Away 


“I enjoy both the challenge and simplicity of creating compelling images with the limitations of a phone.” – Glenn Homann

Christmas in July 
Street photography is a challenge I always enjoy. My approach is to keep exploring and testing the limits of my camera, and of my imagination and skills. Trying to keep things moving and don’t stay still for too long.

Stop, Reflect 

“A camera can be pointed in any direction but at any given time there always seems to be something crying out to be photographed.” – Glenn Homann


Cube St. 
My early studies of Architecture have informed my aesthetic choices towards classic shapes, simple colors and a minimal approach at times. The 1930’s and 40’s in particular and the work of Alvar Alto.

I’ve always been interested in design, be it architectural, graphic, industrial and the ideas of simplicity and distillation. Photography to me, is a shorthand way of experimenting with these concepts. A camera can be pointed in any direction but at any given time there always seems to be something crying out to be photographed. I’m very interested and even compelled to use my mobile phone to find these “somethings”.

The Other Side 

“Glenn Homann’s work shows a mastery of three fundamental parts of photography: light, composition & color. These three aspects unite with a great knowledge of minimalism and narrative. This body of work is a clear winner for me.” – MPA Jury Member Rodrigo Rivas

Another great asset of shooting with my phone is the sheer quantity of images that I can take and keep with me at all times. In my efforts to improve I have allowed myself to take as many photos as possible. I can sometimes take tens or even hundreds of images of even the most innocuous of subjects. This has allowed me to appreciate the many ways any particular subject can be seen and recorded. I study the images and try and understand how and why certain approaches are more successful.

Curve D 
I don’t need to take as many images these days, but my favorite thing is to spend time to get to know what I’m photographing as intimately as possible.

Glenn Homann is the Winner of our 2022 Grand Prize & the 12th Annual MPA Photographer of Year.