We are pleased to announce Liu KunKun as our Grand Prize Winner and the 11th annual MPA Photographer of the year. As we always seek to do at this time, we reward what we find to be the most consistently excellent, original and compelling set of images submitted to the MPA this year. The work of Liu KunKun fits that description.

Liu KunKun calls himself a “…a non-professional freelance photographer who shoots everything. I work with people.” Liu often finds photographic inspiration in his native ShangHai.

The Space City 

His work has been described as “…architecture, line and color reorganized to create a brand new visual art. When he creates images, he also creates a space of imagination…with a sense of rhythm and color.”

“…In my photographic works, conciseness and partial expression are commonly used insights into those interesting details. I’m always looking for hidden connections between things.”Liu KunKun



The Virtual City 

“…He has a great mastery of geometry and perspective and taken together with color and minimalism he transmits a photographic, personal style into his own voice.”MPA Jury Member Rodrigo Rivas


Man with a Turban 


“…There is a secret undercurrent of emotion in the calm.” – Liu KunKun


“…While shooting, I think more about: Why do you want to shoot? What is being shot? What is the relevance and meaning of your picture and expression?”– Liu KunKun

The Eye of Heaven 

Liu KunKun is the Winner of our 2021 Grand Prize & the 11th Annual MPA Photographer of Year.

Photos shot with Apple iPhone12 ProMax