7th Annual MPA Grand Prize


The Mobile Photography Awards is pleased to announce Nan Deng as the winner of the 2017 Grand Prize MPA Photographer of the year, as chosen by members of the jury. As in all previous years, the MPA awards its most prestigious prize to a body of submitted work.

Nan Deng, also known as AlexanDeng, is a self-taught photographer born in Chengdu, China. He now resides in London and describes himself as a “Landscape/Cityscape/Architecture addict.”

“…Manipulates light and composition like a magician. Very deliberate, dramatic and arresting.” Jury Member Alon Goldsmith


The power & utility of the modern phone camera is crystal clear in the photos Nan Deng submitted to the 7th edition of the Mobile Photography Awards. His images are a showcase for Travel, Street, Portrait, Photo Journalism, Architecture, Landscapes & Night Photography.


15 Second Exposure | HUAWEI MHA-AL00



18 Second Exposure | HUAWEI MHA-AL00



12 Second Exposure | HUAWEI VKY-AL00


“…Nan Deng’s portfolio of images demonstrate a combination of superb technical skill & composition alongside a creative vision across a number of different styles of photography. I haven’t seen anything quite like it in the mobile photography world before.” Jury Member Andy Butler




“…Deng hits some of the travel photographer’s bucket list destinations & captures them with technical deftness & in great light. Highly impressive skill set that looks good in color & black and white.” Jury Member Jen Pollack-Bianco




“An uncanny ability to nest his subjects within openings, enclosures and negative spaces creates aha moments that delight and linger.” Jury Member Alon Goldsmith




“The overwhelming technical excellence is conveyed with a poetic charm even as the magnitude of his vision is brought to life with no more than a phone.” – MPA Founder Daniel Berman


“…In London, the construction of abstract elements attracted my attention. Landscape photography is a love for nature, and cityscapes is an adoration to human knowledge. Street shots are a way to record paths of life, and also a way to express the values of life.” – Nan Deng

Nan Deng is the 7th winner of the MPA Photographer of Year.

Photos shot with Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei MHA-AL00, Huawei VKY-AL00.

For more on Nan Deng please visit his website