8th Annual MPA Grand Prize


The Mobile Photography Awards is pleased to announce Dominika Koszowska as our Grand Prize Winner and the 8th annual MPA Photographer of the year, as chosen by the members of the MPA jury. As in all previous years, we award our most prestigious prize for a body of submitted work.

Dominika Koszowska is a graduate of Graphic Design from the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies & the Department of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. As an avid mobile photographer, her work has been included in over a dozen art exhibitions in Poland & around the world.

“…The passion for photography was awakened in me by my grandfather, who loved drawing, painting, sculpting, and loved to take pictures too. It was he who introduced me to the secrets of photography.” Dominika Koszowska



“…a playful exploration of scale bestows a sense of majesty and wonder to her subjects. She invites viewers to bear witness and linger in magical spaces that are all the more magnificent for having been seen.” Jury Member Alon Goldsmith



In her words, “…The advantage of mobile photography is that I always have my phone with me. I can quickly edit a photo and share it with my family, social media, friends. Besides, I can easily blend in with the crowd without paying attention. The cost of taking a picture is really non-existent.”



“…When I started my interest in photography this was the era of analogue cameras – I never dreamt, that it would be possible to photograph digitally, or to take photos with a phone.” Dominika Koszowska



“…The excellence of her craft is evident throughout the range of her work. From portraits to landscapes, Dominika portrays her subjects with care and confidence. She attains both a technical and emotional achievement in her work.” MPA Founder Daniel Berman



“…I always have a phone with me, so when I notice an interesting and curious situation, I pull the phone out of my pocket and the photo is ready. For that I value mobile photography very much. Sometimes, however, I happen to go to a certain place just to take pictures.” Dominika Koszowska



“…Photography is a visual language that allows the viewer to bring themselves into the narrative & immerse themselves in the story the photographer presents. It should also allow the photographer to subtly imprint their personality onto their images. In these winning images Kowszowski does both with ease.” Jury Member Brendan Ó Sé


Dominika Koszowska is the 8th winner of the MPA Photographer of Year.

Photos shot with Sony Xperia