9th Annual MPA Grand Prize


We are pleased to announce Daniel Heilig as our Grand Prize Winner and the 9th annual MPA Photographer of the year, as chosen by the members of the MPA jury. As in all previous years, we award our most prestigious prize for a body of submitted work.

Daniel was born in 1985 in Budapest, Hungary and works and lives in Germany. He studied business and economics but credits creativity as “a vital essence of my life and an important expression of my personality.” He is a musician, and interior designer artist as well as a photographer.

“As an image maker, I strive for aesthetically compelling pictures, images that are visually stunning and rich with ideas.” Daniel Heilig


Daniel comes to mobile photography honestly. His very first camera of any kind was an Apple iPhone 3GS. Starting in 2014, mobile photography has helped him to gain what he terms “…an easy and playful access to photography” and to express his strong design sense and remarkable intuition for color, light and visual form. Above all else, Daniel’s photography seeks to harness his passion for unseen perspectives. 

“We live in a world so saturated with images that the most important and innovative work of a photographer should always strive to garner the attention of the viewer.”Daniel Heilig



“The balancing act is no longer about aesthetics and posed situations but critical distance and emotional engagement, empathy and voyeurism.”Daniel Heilig



“My photographs tend to look surreal and abstract, sometimes like a painting and often highlighting the surprisingly appealing strangeness of a place.” Daniel Heilig


Daniel Heilig is the Winner of our 2019 Grand Prize & the 9th MPA Photographer of Year.

Photos shot with Apple iPhone XS Max