AI (Artificial Intelligence) WINNERS | 12TH ANNUAL MPA


Souls of the Ancient Sea Bed #5 by John Nieto



Intuitive Chemistry by Dan Marcolina


Wombo Man by Joe Kandiko


Symbiotic Relationship by Jeannie Elliot


Third Eye by Joe Kandiko


Petrified Skyline by John Nieto


Witchy Woman by Vickie Chapman


Home Sweet Home by Dan Marcolina


London Twilight in Dickensian Style by Eva Gryk


Pondering the Mandelbrot Set by John Nieto


Ginger Ballet by John Nieto


Become One by Julio Lucas


The Predictor by Susan Detroy


Kingdom of Roses by Thomas Kubin


Hello! How Do You Do? by Lois Kaminsky


Untitled Side Profile by Tee Lip Lim