Architecture and Design Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Busan, South Korea by Brendan Ó Sé



Sweeper by Grant Galbraith


Spiral Love by Artur Smutek


Sea by the Room by Aqua Lin


Waterfall by Lei Zhao


The City Among the Clouds by Yu Huang


Leaf on the Wall by Alice Ng


Center of Universe by Manuel Roberto Garcia Salazar


Puddle Jump by Yais Yusman


Reflected Bridges by Yais Yusman


Alternate Universe by Yais Yusman


Minimal Housing Complex in Palma de Mallorca by Daniel Heilig


Mosque by Kuanglong Zhang


Omnipresence of Love: Between Mom & Daughter by Min-Bum Seo


Williamsburg Bridge by Regina Walker


Speed! by Agnieszka Żyrek


Centipede by Red Chou


Time Traveler by Renee Clark


Cat’s Girl by Christel Wellens


Maintainer by Xiao Yi Lee


The Beauty of the Curve by RanXingZhi Duan


A Once Grand Place by Simon Morris


The Eye by Yuexiang Wang


The Wall of Trump Mexico & USA border by Eduardo Lopez Moreno


Staircase by Andreas J. Stone


Walk Around Los Angeles by Wang Hsiu Ling


Waves by Rodrigo Rivas


Flight Connection by Jacek Kiejko


Maia’s Tower2 by Adelino Marques


Winter Walk by Eric Mueller


Tianjin Library #2 by Eric Mueller


Flaco by Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez


Santa Fe, Icicles, Morning by Joseph Cyr