Black & White MPA Winners | 9th Annual MPA


We Run, You Fly by Dimpy Bhalotia



When the Rain Comes by David Ingraham


Experimental Cityscapes No.2 by David Ingraham


Imagination is the Eye of the Soul by David Ingraham


Chihuahua Mexico by David Ingraham


It’s Magic by Erika Brothers


Lisbon at Night by Rodrigo Vieira


Bombtrack by Jason Peterson


People Game by Adelino Marques


Winter Portrait by Katarzyna Steblewicz-Plak


There is a Rift Between Us by Jose Paulo Andrade


Untitled by Cara Gallardo Weil


Old Winter Shack by Xan Lazaridis


Pottery Workshop by Hlaing Myint Min


Fly Away by Isabel Lopez


Untitled by Nicole Christophe


Shades of Gray by Joanna Cykowska


Shoulder Birds by Dimpy Bhalotia


Untitled by Timofey Rodchenkov


Hat Catcher by Louise Ratcliff


1800’s Home Seeks Family by Sarah Hitzfelder


Fishermen and Crows by Kuanglong Zhang


Laundry Room Gymnastics by Kelley Dallas


Blue Angel Spectator by Jack Culbertson


Encapsulated by Emilia Kashfian


Untitled by Einat Shteckler


Growing by Kaoi Huang


Vastness by Samuel Sanchez