Black & White Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Horse Play by Alessandra Manzotti



Sun Sprint by Michelle Simmons


Freedom by Agnieszka Adayrek


Hierve el Agua by Timofey Rodchenkov


Castle And Mountains by Benny Lau


You Believe I can Fly by Isabel lopez


Joshua Tree by Jormain Cady


Seagulls, River Mersey by Peter Wilkin


Buttermere by Tim Day


Triangles and Stripes by Justyna Sulejewska


Two Butterflies by Yayun Liu


Brother and sister 1 by Amadeusz Jackiewicz


The Road Home by Vikki Murray


Sheets of Snow and White by Alessandra Manzotti


Atmósfera by Unai Momoitio


Woman in Stilettos by Anthony Ginns


Eye Spy by Anthony Ginns


Take Off by Anthony Ginns


An inquisitive mind by Anthony Ginns


Under Cover by Anthony Ginns


Belong To Oneself by John Nieto


Little One by Stephanie Calabrese


Prima Ballerinas by Heather McAlister


Katia by Diana Abdullaeva


Wind of Change by Galina Sekareva


Untitled by Huang Kaiwei


Untitled by Huang Kaiwei


Apocalypse Row by Paolo Michelotti


Decisive Moment by Feipeng Nie