1st PLACE WINNER | Black & White

Broken Portrait by Yajun Hu



Whispering Trees by Sean Feehan


Free as a Bird by Douwe Dijkstra


Trees On The River by Jeanette Serrat


Pull me Together by Paridhi Gupta


Life Goes On by Magdalena Kockritz


Shattered Symmetry by Justyna Sulejewska


Lurking in the Shadows by Prarthana Dhanjal


Staircase by Gyorgyi Gerebics


Boundary by Ken To


Leap by Nimish Dhamat


3 Horses against 3 Trees by Krasimir Matarov


Oriole in the Post by Enhua Ni


A Shy Intruder by Tao Zhang


Trolley Tracks, Belgrade, Serbia by Larry Angier


Lurking in the Shadows by Arnold Plotnick


Outside Window by Yajun Hu


Rhythm of Water by Yajun Hu


Step Over by Yajun Hu


Sunrise Fog by Jodi Acosta


Tin Vessels by James Dapice


The More I Look, More the Mystery by Ken Davis


Imitator by Yue Yu


MBS by Tee Lip Lim


Desire Lines by Hanna Yarova


Winged Entourage by Kim Abbas


Maja by Xeniya Brik


A Curious Donkey by Gordana Cavkoska


Avoid the shadow by Anna Witkowska


Gecko Climbing on Window Glass by Li Wang


Chimney Rock by Heather McAlister


Corinth by Juliet Cope


Palace Shadows, Looking Back by Joseph Cyr


Cremation by Himanshu Roy