Black & White Winners | 8th Annual MPA


Art of the White Stone by Min Min Zaw



Vanilla Slice by Glenn Homann


Conversation in the Cloisters by Joseph Cyr


Treehead by Jose-Luis Barcia Fernandez


Azadi by Jose-Luis Barcia Fernandez


Self-Portrait by Lee Atwell


Dog & Shadow, Taos, New Mexico by Lee Atwell


City Center by Eric Mueller


Abduction by Rodrigo Vieira


Airplanes and Flowers by Dina Alfasi


Lovers by Lea Munjone


Black Steed by Lisabeth Armstrong


To the Point by Laurence Bouchard


Salaryman by Laurence Bouchard


Believe! by Pier Luigi Dodi


Kodama by Ileana Montano


Monumental Thought by Douwe Dijkstra


Winter by Dominika Koszowska


A Journey To The Past by Jeanette Serrat


Monster’s Ball by Bartosz Parzyszek


Untitled by Chong Kok Yew


Take Me To Your Leader by Andrew Love


A Lonely Summer Afternoon by Yongmei Wang


Eke Out A Living by Teresa Wang


Waiting for the Bus by Eduardo Lopez Moreno


Sea Kids by Mohd Zaini Mohd Ariff


Running Kids by Zhang Yihan


Procissão by Demetrio Jereissati


Mount Huangshan by Dan Liu


Chinese Fisherman Work in Storm Coming by SiuMing Chan


Golden Gate Wave by Linh Nguyen


When Life Becomes Art by Fabiana Costa


The Flying Boy by Benny Lau


Window Cleaner by Luis Figueroa