The Darkness | Noir Winners | 8th Annual MPA


Night Walk in Hong Kong by Nobuko Kamiya



Ghost by Noci Brons


Flight Risk by Heather McAlister


Don’t Believe What You See by Jane Schultz


Emotional Landscape 4 by Jane Schultz


Immaculate by Jane Schultz


Mourning Angel (Grief) by David DeNagel


Moving On by Lisabeth Armstrong


Red by Isabela Pereira


Crazy Thoughts by Cecilia S.Thiago


Anno 2150 by Eleni Gemeni


On a Beam of Light by Roy Pan


The Garage Meeting by Anirudh Koppula


Passage by Maureen Haldeman


Union Square by Ted McElroy III


Upside down by Joanna Cykowska


Haunted by Marina Chrysou