The Darkness|Noir Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Late Night by George Koutsouvelis



Wifs, Wiff by Robin Robertis


A Touch of Red to the Head by Jane Schultz


Buffalo Gap by Lorenka Campos


Strange Dreams are Better than no Dreams by Lorenka Campos


Big Brother is Watching You by Cedric Blanchon


Dark Morning by Sean Feehan


The Mysterious Forest by Aitor Cenitagoya Arrieta


The Party is Over by Cedric Blanchon


Darkness and Light by Vince Keresnyei


Reflections by Uliana Kharinova


The Lonely Tree by Graham Macfarlane


The Blues by Stephanie Calabrese


God’s Evolution by Cedric Blanchon


My Lover by Nico Brons


Le passage by Cedric Blanchon


Alone by You-Ming Liu


Surrender by Heather McAlister


Untitled by Huang Kaiwei


Meeting Canceled by Jeff Karp


Candela in Red by Luis Rodri­guez


Circus by Michel Kharoubi


Playing Boy by Ben Liu