Digital Fine Art Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Movie Night by John Nieto



Reverse Psychology by Roger Guetta


Agency by Melissa Johnston


Dancing for Joy by Joe Kandiko


Rhapsody in Blue by Joe Kandiko


Sorting her Life by Catherine Caddigan


Roll Up Sunday! by p.a Hamel


Bahama Dream by Amanda Parker


Inspired by Klee by Eleni Gemeni


Just Us; Mere Earthbound Bystanders by Eleni Gemeni


Infinite possibilities by Linda Hollier


Joy by Linda Hollier


Remembering Brancusi by Sukru Mehmet Omur


Lucy in the Sky by Sukru Mehmet Omur


Seeing the Waves by Sukru Mehmet Omur


Spread – (Part 2) Andy Alexandre


Duality by Ileana Montano


Catching The Butterfly by Vladka Tobiasz


A Longwood Night by Alessandra Manzotti


Traveler_11_2 by Juta Jazz


A_Part_Ed_2952_1 by Juta Jazz


Reformation 3 by Jane Schultz


Art is About Emotion by Marco Prado


A Ticket to Anywhere by Lorenka Campos


Mr Headcabbage by Cedric Blanchon


Bad Robot by Cedric Blanchon


En Face by Nico Brons


The Rarest Bird by Nico Brons


Moon Rising by Rad Drew


Spring 2020 by John Nieto