Digital Fine Art Winners | 8th Annual MPA


Freedom Journey by Jo Sullivan



Rise After the Fall by Robin Robertis


Succulent by Heather McAlister


The Street by Kerryn Benbow


Orion by Trevor Messersmith


If I Could Reach the Stars by Lorenka Campos


Next To You by Marco Prado


Freedom (pinned) by Jane Schultz


Learning to Fly by Jane Schultz


New Ink 3, Feel Your Body Melt by Jane Schultz


New Ink 4, The Flights Begun they’ve been Released by Jane Schultz


Wildfire (Invasive Species 1) by Nadine Benichou


Opus 11 l’attente-attentes by Juta Jazz


Sweet Dreams by Vladka Kocvarova


Enchantment II by Viki Murray


Crossing the Bridge by Jill Booker


Victoria by Cecilia S. Thiago


Mirror, Mirror by Eleni Gemeni


Catwalk by Eleni Gemeni


Denial by Eleni Gemeni


Man with a Hat by P.A. Hamel