Eyes of the World Winners | 8th Annual MPA


Jeanette, Nearly a Century of Memories by David DeNagel



The Eyes & Heart of Time by Sasa Prizmic


Wild by Dina Alfasi


The Old Man on the Corner by Laurie Higashi


Street People_ Autistic Young Woman & Her Dog by David DeNagel


Alice in Wonderland by Kamil Konrad Kawczynski


Herbalist by Dominika Koszowska


Buckle Up by Morten Urfe


Smile Train by Liu Bo


Big Eyes by Liu Bo


South by Olympia Montaldo


Pudding? by Tim Day


Tajik Lady by Dan Liu


Life is Simple Natalia Garcés


Predator by Benny Lau


Shroud of Mystery by Joanna Cykowska


Poor African Boy by Yun Thwaits


Getting Ready for Beijing Opera by Yun Thwaits


Village Head by Yun Thwaits


Love by Paddy Chao


The Dreams Fly Higher by Lucas Baldissera