Eyes of the World Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Novice Monks in Bagan, Myanmar by Penni James



Life Used to be Downhill by Brendan Ó Sé


Kris by Glenn Homann


Jai by Glenn Homann


Lena by Damian Kostka


Elementary my Dear Watson by Paulo Henrique Pampolin


Streetcar by William Carito


Protectors by Raja singaravelu


What Will I Be by Xan Lazaridis


A Peek Behind the Curtain by Roy Pan


I’m Watching You by Pai Hsiao


Children in Northern Vietnam by Wang Hsiu Ling


Infant Eyes by Anirudh Koppula


Singing the Rooster by Shusen Jia


I’m Watching You by Joanna Cykowska


Summer Rain by Joanna Cykowska


The Ray of Light by Joanna Cykowska


An Old Kenyan Man by Yun Thwaits


Makeup for Beijing Opera by Yun Thwaits


Eye to Eye by Debbie Cooper


Falloween by Behinaz Raissi


Festival Laughter by Kuanglong Zhang


Black Eyes by Kuanglong Zhang


Medium Body Piercing by Nipon Ketjarus


Children of Kathmandu by Nastassia Kuliashova