Grand Prize Winner | Giles Clarke | 6th Annual MPA

The Mobile Photography Awards are pleased to announce Giles Clarke of New York as the winner of the 2016 Grand Prize MPA Photographer of the year, as chosen by members of the jury. His raw & poetic mobile photo journalism brings to mind a passage from the American poet William Carlos Williams, who said, “It is difficult to get the news from poems…”

Giles Clarke brings us directly to the heart of every person, place & event he covers. A professional photo journalist, born in London in 1965, he began taking pictures seriously in Berlin in the mid 1980’s. In 1995, he moved to New York City where he began an intense year in the Richard Avedon studio. A decade long career producing television for Channel 4 UK in Hollywood was to follow. In more recent times, Giles began the serious work & dedication of activism starting with a 6-week stint in Bhopal, India where he filmed & photographed the victims of the Union Carbide gas tragedy that still continues to haunt the inhabitants of that city.

“…If we are looking for photos that tell a story then Giles is the one. Out of all the amazing MPA photos this year his was the collection that had me thinking all night.” Jury Member Andy Butler


Peshmerga Soldier | Sinjar, Iraq

The range of photos Giles submitted to the 6th edition of the Mobile Photography Awards showcases the power of mobile photography for those fleeting, in the moment shots that otherwise go unseen. Clearly, some of these photos would not be possible without the speed & inconspicuousness of mobile photography.


Hurricane Matthew survivor. Les Cayes, Haiti.



President Obama at the United Nations HQ.


“…Giles is a serious photographer taking mobile photography seriously. This guy is going to document some history making over the next four years. It feels right to support that cause.” Jury Member Jen Pollack-Bianco


From Haiti: Cholera in the Time of Disaster | Photo essay


“…Powerful, stopped me in my tracks, beyond categorization. He hits the high notes.” Jury Member Brendan O Se

As an invited and official member of the traveling UN delegation in 2016, photographer Giles Clarke was given unprecedented access on almost all official trips during UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon’s final year in office. Ranging 30+ countries over 2016, Giles brings an insider perspective and rare glimpse into the world’s most senior diplomat at work on some of the most critical issues facing our planet today.


Mr. Ban Ki-moon Arrives In Tel Aviv ~june 21 2016



Mr Ban Ki-moon at his last UN General Assembly.



Mr. Ban Ki-Moon June 22, 2016



Mr Ban Ki-moon at lunch with old friends



Eye Above Airline Transfer


The work of Giles Clarke has been featured recently by American Photography 31 & 32, Amnesty International, CNN, Yahoo News, The Guardian, Global Witness, The New Yorker, National Press Photographers Association, Paris Match, PDN, POYi, & VICE amongst others.

Giles Clarke is the 6th winner of the MPA Photographer of Year.

All photos shot with Apple iPhone 6 Plus

For more on Giles Clarke please visit his website