GripTight Gorilla Pod Giveaway!

griptight-magnetic-dangerThe Mobile Photography Awards will be giving away two GripTight Magnetic Gorrila Pods this week!

Purchase your MPA entries prior to Sunday, Nov. 10th at Midnight PST to qualify for the draw.

These little units are incredibly versatile and strong. The flexible, wrappable legs allow you to secure your phone or mini video camera to virtually any surface. A lock ring provides extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached. Over two dozen leg joints bend and rotate 360°. Super strong magnetized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain while also attaching to any ferrous metal surface like poles, fences and refrigerators. As Montreal based photographer Martin Reisch says…

“The GorillaPod essentially removes the “I have to be holding it” part of the photo equation and also adds this “ceilings and fences can be surfaces too” element. It opens up a lot of opportunity for uniqueness in my photography. Usually, I’m putting equal amounts of effort into finding interesting places to shoot and finding a place to put my GorillaPod. Often, I’ll see a potential spot that I can hang or grip my GorillaPod onto and then see what it gives through the lens.”


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