The Jury

The jury for Shadow Stories: The Art of Mobile Black & White:

ReavesSharon R. Reaves is the owner and founder of Reaves Gallery and Starting-Artists. She is an independent collector and curator and manages a private contemporary art collection. Sharon is on the Advisory Board of Art Connects New York and the Program Committee of Art Table. While in San Francisco, she served on the Board of Young Audiences and was an active committee member for ArtSpan, The ARC of San Francisco, Art for Aids, The Coalition on Homelessness and Visual Aid. She is a collector and an advocate for emerging artists with emphasis on mixed media and photography. Reaves resides in New York where she offers individualized consulting for artists and tours and lectures for beginning collectors.

The mission statement of the Reaves Gallery provides a glimpse into Sharon’s passion and dedication to helping establish and maintain careers for emerging and mid-career artists, “…We are collectors, art enthusiasts and believers that aesthetics and quality still matter. And though we embrace the market of art, we believe there is reward in creating a new market by being the first to discover. We encourage you to be informed and understand your goals. To buy art not based on the hearsay of the masses but to develop and trust your instincts. To allow yourself to form a connection to the creators’ inspiration and process in a way that is meaningful to you.”

CristeaDan Cristea, known as Konstruktivist, is a designer & photographer from Toronto, Canada who has embraced mobile photography since the very beginning of its artistic incarnation. To his credit, Dan co-organized the first mobile photography workshop ever in San Francisco in 2011. He is also the co-creator of the website, dedicated to the art and education of mobile photography. Dan is part of a collective of artists called Tiny Collective, whose mission is to promote and showcase some of today’s finest mobile artists from around the world by hosting shows and events on a global scale.

Dan considers himself a visual storyteller always pushing the boundaries, delving ever deeper into the possibilities of this exciting medium.

BlanchonCedric Blanchon is an artist and photographer from Troyes, France, and the grand prize winner of the 3rd Annual Mobile Photography Awards. Blanchon’s dexterity as both a traditional photographer and master manipulator of images has won him a dedicated following for his surreal brand of visual storytelling. His strong personal messages are cryptic, disturbing, thought-provoking, and darkly witty.

In Cedric’s words, “…Welcome to my world, surrealism, dark humor, conceptual.”

More of Cedric’s remarkable work may seen right here.