1st PLACE WINNER | Landscapes & Wildlife

Golden Mountains by Di Lu



Winter clearing, Saguaro National Park by Joseph Cyr


Desert Winter, Looking North by Joseph Cyr


Good Day by Shirley Drevich


How Long does it take to Forget the Smell of Someone by Mehdi Malecki


Vermont River by Tim Creamer


Acrobat on a Stalk. Rhynchites Bacchus by Jarek Bryla


The Crow by Mary Balagia


Butterfly by Paddy Chao


The Light in the Forest by Di Lu


Brave Bird by Li Wang


Water Lilies by Li Wang


Walking into the Forest by Gustavo Valle


Mt. Bromo in the Clouds by Yi Chang Lee


Hopper by James Peck


Sunset on the Mississippi by Amy Eskind


Aerial Photograph of the Earth by Zhengjie Wu


Under the Starry Sky by Zhengjie Wu


Devil City by Zhengjie Wu


Quiver Trees in the Moonlight by Zhengjie Wu


A Girl’s Leisure Time by Lingbo Wang


Color Palette by Rino Suren


Heron by Jodi Acosta


Frozen Sea by Benye Yang


Can You Take a Photo of Me by Ji yuan


Icelandic Daze by Thea Mihu


Flowery Frame with Mount Fuji by Harvey Huang


Crocuses in the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria by Krasimir Matarov


Mountain Blood by Sam Pinner