Landscapes Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Lake Baikal by Juan Zas Espinosa



Tahoe New Snowfall by Liz Anderson


Reinebringen_I by Grzegorz Tutaj


Lugu Lake by Yunchao Ma


Northern Lights by Benny Lau


Highland Grandeur by Leanne Weber


Eye of the Desert by Lianyu Lu


Clear Spring in the Desert by Lianyu Lau


Altay, Russia by Andrey Rodionov


Altay, Russia II by Andrey Rodionov


Magic Night in the Mountains by Aitor Cenitagoya Arrieta


Enter the Fog by Mihai-Daniel Virna


Höllentalanger by Zoltan Fiedler


Edge of the World by Mona Jumaan


Winter Sunset by Sally Thompson


Dune? by Jian Zhang


Mountains by Jian Zhang


Free Flowing by Jessica Attard


Night Flying over Mountains by Yoav Zehavi


Sea Colors by Matteo Poletti


Fog Lifting by Laura Katz


A Mountain Pass by Xudong He


Sungazer by Deryk Baumgaertner


Namib Desert by Goran Jovic


Mystery by Anne Bonew


Icelandic Winds of Change Jeremy Balda


The Day The Sheep Stood Still by Steven Young


Lake Kozjak, Macedonia by Gordana Cavkoska


Sauris Lake by Samantha Degrassi


Frozen by Jinyi He


Walking in a Chinese Painting by Melody Keung


Valle del Mucone, Acri, Calabria, Italy by Domenico Gallipoli


Winter by Lexy Loewenstein


Joshua Sunrise by Amy Eskind


Danxia Landform by Jian Zhang


The Heart Of The Mountain by Steven Young