Macro & Details Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Duo by Fabio Sartori



Take Off by Joy Porter Drennan


Yum, it’s Dinnertime by Joy Porter Drennan


Cleaning Moment by Pirjo Laisalmi


Silver Drops by Pirjo Laisalmi


Art Sink by Ken Moran


Dragonfly by Yunchao Ma


Frozenfingers by Christie Rivet


Light It Up by Christie Rivet


Reach for the Stars by Melissa Lynch


Under Toad by Scott Galloway


Old Soul by Scott Galloway


In the Balance by Scott Galloway


Melting Teardrop by Scott Galloway


Under and Around the Weather by Scott Galloway


Among the Tulips by Lee Atwell


Wishes by Stephanie Calabrese


Butterfly by Nico Brons


I Got You by Nico Brons


Staring at You by Nico Brons


Water Carrier by Nico Brons


“They’re Always Watching Me” series, #2 by Dave Vescio


Ice Pattern on the Glass of the Evening Bus by Dmitriy Kuznetsov


Galaxies by Christy Draper


One Drop by Emilia Kashfian


Cluster of Diadem Spiders by Michal Ziemski


Voyeur by Nico Brons


Skipper by James Peck


Hiding by Wendy Bauer


Dandelion by Gordana Cavkoska


The Star by Mariko Klug