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Big Bumble by James Peck



The Plants by Weiheng Ren


Baby Jumper by Melissa Lynch


Glitter and Gold by Stephanie Cheng


Social Distancing (Share a Meal) by Garrine Tsang


Hopper by Mariko Klug


Is this my Best Side? by Lucy Coughlan


The Perianth Series #1 by Emilia Kashfian


Water Droplet Reflection by Dixon Hamby


Hey … now jump! by Emilie Toï


Ribbed Pine Borer, Tatra Mountains, Poland by Michal Ziemski


Nature’s Little Wonder by Mariko Klug


Window by Fabio Sartori


Water Drops by Yunchao Ma


Eucalyptus Dragon by Melissa Lynch


Bubble-tip Anemone by Henry Hu


Sad Rose by Agnieszka Gietkowska


Flying High by James Peck


The Jump by Fabio Sartori


Two Hoverflies in Mating by Saravanan M


Nature’s firework by Vivian Jim


Grasshopper 1 by Rebekah Waldek


These are my Favorite Flowers by Natalya Peshkova


The Flow of Energy by Irene Oleksiuk


Not Like Everyone Else (Albino Grasshopper) by Natalya Peshkova


Master of Disguise by Mengguo Li


Caught in the Act by Garrine Tsang


Pine Weevil, Tatra Mountains, Poland by Michal Ziemski


Impatient for the Unfurling, Bee & Datura Bloom by Joseph Cyr


Dor Beetle in the Meadow, Krakow, Poland by Michal Ziemski


Elegance by Matteo Poletti


Butterfly by Yunchao Ma


The Bee and the Iris by Maurizio Zanetti