1st PLACE WINNER | Macro & Details

Beyond the Green by Hollyn Johnson



Bug & Dill by Leigh Darilek


Cannonball by Shirley Drevich


Ready to Fly by Tim Creamer


White-Legged Damsel Fly by Jarek Bryla


Three by Barbara Nebel


Bubblicious by Charles Needle


Frosty Morning by Charles Needle


Pinwheel Fantasy by Charles Needle


Perfect Spider Web by Li Wang


Busy Bee by Benny Lau


Lightness by Marta Przybyla


On My Tippy Tarsals by Cerrina Smith


Daily Dose of Sunshine by Cerrina Smith


Flora717 by James Peck


Swirly Clematis Seed Fluff by Linda Repasky


Dragon Eye by Zhengjie Wu


Dandelion by Laszlo Papp


Be Different by Martin Duerr


The Upside-Down World of Raindrops by Diana Clevenger-Stephens


Krohn Butterfly 2023 by John Blom


The Necklace of Nature by Adam Sipos


A Tireless Hero of Work by Adam Sipos


Giant Eyes in Small Details by Adam Sipos


Growing Together by Ji Yuan


It’s Too Heavy by Ji Yuan


Details to the Maximum by Alina Urupa


The Forest Gaze by Helena Massip Pinatella


Otherworldly Jennifer Dimock