Macro & Details Winners | 8th Annual MPA


Dressed in Powerful Pollen by Rosie Karel



After the Rain by Charles Needle


Little Killer by Jarek Bryla


Wasp Eyes by Jarek Bryla


Vaporous Dandelion by Piroska Boros


Gerber’s Dance by Rosie Karel


Frozen Soap Bubble by Kerstin Klinner


Powerful by Ellen Kemper


The Eye Bo Peng


Raindrops by Monica Castenetto


Spider Eat Sun by Li Wang


Purple Rain by Rick Ruggles


Unbeleafable by Jeff Feeny


Butterfly and Purple Flowers by Benny Lau


Splash of Nacre by John Strauss


Blooming by Mandy Ng


Delicate Morning by Judd Duclos


Libelula Nature by Unai Momomito


Frozen Rain by Scott Galloway


Grasshopper by Scott Galloway


After Foggy Night by Pirjo Laisalmi


Veins by Julia Gilbert