Macro & Details Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Stowaway by Jaroslaw Bryla



Thinking Butterfly by Edith Meier


Drops of Development by Zanariah Salam


Eyes for Future of Development by Zanariah Salam


Community of Beautiful Flower by Zanariah Salam


Synergy by Michelle Darensbourg


Her Cosmos by Christy Draper


Violet by Anastasia Bannikova


The Eyes Have It by Joy Porter Drennan


Snail on a Rainy Day by Violeta Pastushenko


A Ladybug on a Mushroom by Violeta Pastushenko


Dreamy Ant by Violeta Pastushenko


Cactus in the Round by Anne Rabe


Colors Of The Día De Muertos by Timofey Rodchenkov


The Eyes Have It by Rick Ruggles


Summer Life by Pirjo Laisalmi


On a String by Christel Wellens


Snail in the Tall Dry Grass by Sean Hutchison


The Paradise by Frederic Deschenes


Looking into the Crystal Ball by Kerstin Klinner


Leaves by Eleni Gemeni


Feasting on Flowers by Eleni Gemeni


Wabi Sabi by Charles Needle


Dragonfly by Jaroslaw Bryla


On the Windshield by Patricia Januszkiewicz


Beginnings by Barbara Nebel


Winters Butterflies by Allyson Marie


Cannonball Jelly Fish by Lynne Daley


Little Eyes by Scott Galloway


¡¡¡¡Eye!!!! by Unai Momoitio


Words are Like Seeds by Catherine Halsør


Wide Open by Delta Martin