People Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Look Back by Rohan Sajeev



Dancer Portrait by Rad Drew


Portrait in the Dark by Uliana Kharinova


Street Painter Looking at the Sea Barcelona by Eve Methot


Rainy Day by Joon Kim


Little Beekeeper by Christian Horgan


Temple Time Out by Steven Young


North Shore Hawaii by Stephane Pelletier


Smile Of Childhood by Muhammad Amdad Hossain


Pandemic Isolation 2020 by Julie Gresty


Cantonese Opera by Queenie Cheen


Novice by Aung Chan Thar


Afternoon Cigar by Leslie Kuek


Mursi Children by Donell Gumiran


The Karo Tribe Soldiers by Svetlin Yosifov


A Family Flying a Kite by Lianyu Lu


Kid Playing in the Sand by Lianyu Lu


Dancing with the Sunset by Wang Chien-Po


Untitled by Xuelian Li


Girl’s Thoughts by Xuelian Li


Grandpa with Grandkids by Dan Liu


Caring by Himanshu Roy


Pismo by Roger Clay


Friends by Renata Dangelo


Unity is Strength by Nazaret Sanchez Rodriguez


Sleeping Beauty by Diane Fox


Yawn and Pedicure by Alessandro Comandini


Girls by Stephanie Calabrese


Ahila by Robin Robertis