People Winners | 8th Annual MPA


Sunshine by Glenn Homann



NIN – Cold and Black and Infinite by Anthony Palacios


Mr. Aprigio by Rodrigo Vieira


Balance by Mary Grace Montives


Feeding the pigeons by Dixon Hamby


Baywatch by Dina Alfasi


Memories by Dina Alfasi


Man Doing Laundry by Tommy Wallace


Loading by Leandro Selister


Save the Last Dance #2 by William Carito


Nada by Jason Greene


River Swim by Pascal Davis


Blue Hour Surfers by Rosie Karel


Life in Color by Hlaing Myint Min


Prayer by Hlaing Myint Min


Cleaner by William Shum


Trampolino by Vivi Paulson


Smile by Yuexiang Wang


Threading by Yuexiang Wang


Eye to Eye by Huapeng Zhao


Old Man Smoking Chinese Traditional Tobacco by Li Yongkang


Passenger, Lisbon by Kathleen Mazzocco


Dream of the Worker by Tyrone Rodovalho


Grandma and Me! by Zay Yar Lin


Happy Children by Min Min Zaw


Harvest Season by Paddy Chao