People Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Just Jensen by Michelle Simmons



Good Morning by Raja Singaravelu


Untitled by Jason Greene


Rick by Tommy Wallace


Family Portrait by Christopher Comeso


Millenium Bridge by Miroslaw Stanek


Through the Unknown by Matus Mazanec


Waiting by Katarzyna Steblewicz-Plak


Screen Saver by Dina Alfasi


Clouds and Valleys by Dina Alfasi


Summer 18 by Erika Brothers


Today I Will be Mainly Hiding from Myself by Brendan Ó Sé


The Power of Positive Thinking by Brendan Ó Sé


Shanghai by Brendan Ó Sé


Waiting for You By Tracy A Weiss


Apatani by Donell Gumiran


One Last Dance Si En Zhang


On the way home by Lei Zhao


Pottery Maker by Raja Mohd Norshafiek


Young Art Enthusiast Enjoying Zigzag Artwork by Wendy Pierce


The Bather by Kuanglong Zhang


Hypnotize me! by Agnieszka Żyrek


First Breath: the Moment I Met My Son by Claire Francis


Everyday Commute by Piotr Pyczek


Story about Me by Joanna Cykowska


Beyond the Other Side by Joanna Cykowska


Santa isn’t Real by Anirudh Koppula


Man On A Mission by Lee Smith


Painting Umbrellas by Hlaing Myint Min


Fisherman Of Inle Lake by Hlaing Myint Min


Fisherboy by Meredith Rilley