Free from Panic by Vince Keresnyei

I met Adrienn who is also suffering from panic disorder like me. She took down the medicine after 2 years and tries to stand on the ground and establish her panic attack free world without pills.

Living with mental health problem is a constant fight. Sometimes you are strong enough to go to battle with yourself and sometimes not. Pills can help when you don’t have solid ground under your feet but there is always a will to live without medicine.

She lets me photograph this whole process with the ups and downs.

We would like to show that panic disorder is a very serious illness and not just an easy thing but hope is always there to live a panic free life.



The Mass Ave Project by Jeff Larason

Mass Ave sees every part of life in Boston – and it has for centuries.

The street starts in a hardscrabble, industrial section of Dorchester. It quickly passes through Mass and Cass, a part of the city now considered a public health crisis, with encampments of homeless and drug-addicted.

Quickly, the street moves through the South End and Back Bay, two of the wealthiest areas of Boston and Massachusetts and in the USA.

Mass Ave passes Symphony Hall, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the world-renowned Harvard University. It is serviced by three subway lines, four commuter rail lines, dozens of bus lines, and three different city halls. Tens of thousands of people live and work in its proximity.



The Olive Harvest by Alessandra Manzotti

Olive harvest has ended. It was a hard year as the lack of rain has affected the proper growth of the olives, leaving many trees completely fruitless.

Olive harvesting is very hard work and very time consuming.

Olive harvesting is very Different from grape harvesting, which is now becoming more and more automated. Olive picking is still done by hand and it is quite laborious.