War in Ukraine by Mateusz Sarello

On February 24, 2022, the troops of the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine. From that day, the most important military conflict since World War II takes place just outside the borders of my country. The conflict which, from its very beginning, has been shaping the geopolitics of not only this region, but also the whole world.

Tactical training for civilians at the city shooting range. Every weekend, the inhabitants of Lviv train their shooting skills here, wanting to be ready for a possible attack of Russian troops on Lviv. Lviv, Ukraine, March 2022

Julia (25) and her son Mykhailo (5 months) in a shelter during a rocket alert in Lviv. Julia and her child escaped from Sum to Lviv. Lviv, Ukraine, March 2022

Self-defense school in Lviv. Lviv, Ukraine, March 2022

Landscape after the battle. The effect of an ambush attack by Ukrainian troops on a Russian armored vehicles column. Bucha, Ukraine, April 2022

A garage door riddled by Russian bullets. Velika Dymerka Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, April 2022

Refugees near the railway station in Lviv. As a result of the war in Ukraine, about 4 million people left the country and over 8 million had to flee the war to other areas inside Ukraine. Lviv, Ukraine, March 2022



Small Town Rodeo by Cerrina Smith

There is a sense of community at this small-town rodeo in the American western state of Wyoming.

Boots, Hats & Jeans.

These are the main attire.

The best seats in the house…

…are on the railing of a fence…

…or on the back of a horse.



Dubai From My Eye by Michelle Simmons

Expo 2020 was a World Expo held in Dubai from October 2021 until March 2022. The Expo was delayed over a year due to Covid. I was awestruck by every single one of the 200 country pavilions spanning the 1080-acre site of the Expo.

The artistry, architecture and detail of the pavilions were beyond words…

…and I knew that each pavilion would be photographed “millions” of times…

…in “millions” of ways.

This series reflects my goal of capturing the beauty of the Expo pavilions in my own way and from my own unique perspective.