Photo Journalism Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Small Town Protest by Stephanie Calabrese



California Wildfires by Patricia Lopez-Hurtado


Allah, Keep us Safe! by Somiyah Elhassawy


Bobcat Fire, LA by Liang Tang


Covid Treatment in the Countryside by Eduardo Lopez Moreno


December to Remember by Wan Ayuni


America’s Bravest by Francis Smiley


Colleagues / Competitors by Timofey Rodchenkov


The Colourful Classroom in the Refugee Camp by Eduardo Lopez Moreno


Sand Workers by Muhammad Amdad Hossain


Forced Separation by Covid by Eduardo Lopez Moreno


Cowboys in Pink by Lexy Loewenstein


What’s a Brick without Clay? by Darma Longoni


Coronavirus Confinement in Spain by Santiago Martinez de Septien


Loneliness by Jacek Szlak


Santa On His Way in NYC by Amy Eskind


Power of Women by Filippo Stenico


Oakland March by Heather McAlister