Photo Journalism Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Blind in Refugee Camp, Dadaab, Kenya by Eduardo Lopez Moreno



Persian Carpet by Maurizio Zanetti


You Can’t Handle the Truth by Robert Pearson-Wright


No Atomic war by Marco Prado


two characters by Damian Kostka


Teacher and Student by Marina Serebryakova


Ritual by Xan Lazaridis


Duel: Women’s Boxing by Evgeny Biyatov


Colorful In Life by Hlaing Myint Min


Always Higher by Frederic Deschenes


Migrants, Tijuana, Mexico by Eduardo Lopez Moreno


Suit Up by Hsin-Tzu Kuo


Vania’s one shot by Louise Ratcliff


Cuba: Cigar Factory by Wioletta Sedlak


Last Cast, Phil by Ryan Scott


Help to Breathe by Magnus Sundelin


Bazooka Time! by Ashley Sapp


Firefighters Protest in Paris by Adrian German


Life of a Rodeo by Gaanesh Prasad


Rozbrat is There to Stay, Demonstration, Poznan by Agnieszka Maruszczykz


Aftermath – After the Tornado by Joy Porter Drennan


Forgotten by Samuel Sanchez


Jolgorio by Samuel Sanchez


Demonstration by Jacek Szlak