Portraits Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Morgan In Pink by Michelle Simmons



Himba Girl by Goran Jovic


Apatani Woman by Maychelle Alvior


Esmail by Patrycja Weglorz


Secret by Uliana Kharinova


Her Eyes by Shunxi Mai


Have I Told You Lately by Jordan Kee


Stop Covid by Stephane Pelletier


Masked Shepherd by Joseph Smith


Cantonese Opera by Queenie Cheen


Angel’s Laundry Day by Babis Beslemes


Satisfaction by Alon Maharshak


Wifi Connector because of Isolation by Pati John


Revelation by Anna Witkowska


Woman from Karo by Svetlin Yosifov


Ela Fabienne Breuer by Timofey Rodchenkov


Candela in BW by Luis Rodriguez


Candela by Luis Rodriguez


Double Candela by Luis Rodriguez


Icequeen by Nico Brons


Quinty (1) by Nico Brons


Surround Sound by Lea Khoury


Kuki Tattoo by Dan Liu


The Violinist by Frederic Deschenes


Anja Blue by Cindy Buske


Skateboard Bruise by Juliet Cope