Self-Portrait Winners | 10th Annual MPA


The New Norm by Leigh Darilek



One With the Forest by Cerrina Smith


Roommate by Cedric Blanchon


The Perfect Mask by Cedric Blanchon


The Scientist by Nico Brons


Spin Me by Robin Robertis


Mo’omomi and Me by Robin Robertis


The Vaccine by Alessandro Comandini


Pieces of Me 2 by Jane Schultz


Where the Wild Roses Grow by Jane Schultz


Me: Before / After by Tee Lip Lim


All of Us by Jo Thomson


Silent lucidity by Vladka Tobiasz


Test strips by Pati John


Between the Shadow & the Soul by Ileana Montano


Selfish by Andy Alexandre


Spread – (part 1) by Andy Alexandre


City Selfie, London by Cara Gallardo Weil


It All Mattered by Catherine Caddigan


Under Control by Peter Wilkin


Harpist by Timofey Rodchenkov


My Selfie by Lianyu Lu


In the Courtyard by Diana Abdullaeva


Mind as the Sea by Jian Zhang


Self-Portrait by Luis Marino


Soldier in Me by Cerrina Smith


Hello by Tsoy Evgeniya


Identifications by Giovanni Bianchetti


Identifications pt.2 by Giovanni Bianchetti


Multi-Faceted by Christian Horgan