Self-Portraits Winners | 8th Annual MPA


Depression: What I can’t say. What I can’t see. by Ileana Montano



Anonyme by Glenn Homann


Moth to a Flame by Heather McAlister


In Between Days by Heather McAlister


Free Your Mind by Tuba Korhan


Speaking With My Father’s Voice by Erik Lieber


They Wore Their Strange Beauty Like War Paint by Lorenka Campos


Self Portrait #8 by Cristina Ghilan


3 Minute Girl by Jane Schultz


Who Will Save Your Soul by Jane Schultz


Paranoia by Laurence Bouchard


Me, Myself & I by Katie Teixeira


Myself & Flowers by Katie Teixeira


Free 3 Hands by Damian Kostka


Bury Me In Flowers 3 by Ileana Montano


Wind in Hair by Dominika Koszowska


Me & My Cat by Dominika Koszowska


3 Times Self by Cecilia S. Thiago


Escape by Po-Yi Li


My Space by Pai Hsiao


Roots by Teemu Laulajainen


Reflections of You & Me by Fleur Schim


Mixology by Tommy Vohs


Tender Stubbornness by Jie Jiang


The Way I Travel by Yvonne Lu


Morph by Angela KAT McClelland


Reflection by Chunlei Wang


Fragile by Nicole Christophe


Where Did I Go? by Jo Sullivan