Self-Portraits Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Tiny Blue Planet by Eliza Tsitsimeaua-Badoiu


Cielo in Wonderland by Cielo de la Paz


Sense of Self by Kimberley Wallis


Looking for the Outside World by Yu Huang


Self Portrait (In Memory of J.M.) by David DeNagel


Eyes of Transformation by Shameika Black


Eyes Shut by Mark Sanders


Break free by Nicole Christophe


Set in stone by Nicole Christophe


Into Me by Nicole Christophe


Me on the Phone by Shusen Jia


A Bleeding Rose by Angela KAT McClelland


Bound by Angela KAT McClelland


It’s Me by Pai Hsiao


Arthroplasty by Cecilia S. Thiago


Selfilation by Cecilia S. Thiago


Roses Are Red by Ileana Montano


Outward Chaos by Kristie Benoit


Before and After by Damian Kostka


Upcoming Time Dimension by Eliza Tsitsimeaua-Badoiu


My Cinnamon Girl by Jane Schultz


Barbie Scissorhands by Jane Schultz


Let the Slide Show Begin by Lorenka Campos


The Show that Never Ends by Lorenka Campos


Speak With Your Eyes by Jacob Dix


Veiled Businessman by Alessandro Comandini


Rain among the Sunflowers by Lee Atwell


Kansas by Heather McAlister


Glenn by Glenn Homann


Half by Nicole Christophe


Mute by Lisa Mitchell