Silhouettes Winners | 8th Annual MPA


Blue by Zhang Yihan



Children by Luis Rodri­guez


Boardwalk Boogie by Erik Lieber


Boys of Summer by Eric Mueller


Pink is a New Black by Marianna Maksimova


Fisherman’s Dance by Josee Houde


Joy Machine by Nubia Navarro


Festival by Damian Kostka


Riders by Damian Kostka


Man & Shadow by Dominika Koszowska


A Star Is Born by Bartosz Parzyszek


Fluctus by Rodrigo Rivas


Isolation by Rodrigo Rivas


Untitled by Chong Kok Yew


Bertie by Cara Gallardo Weil


The Woman by Evgeny Biyatov


Thoughtful by P.A. Hamel


Good & Bad by Vince Keresnyei


The Cave by Gustavo Torres


Westport by Jormain Cady


Harmony Between Man & Fish by Hao Yao


Child Cyclist by Colin Hoskins


Life on the Beach by Song Han


Sunset by Song Han


Summer Vibe by Bikash Rai


At the Fish Market by Jo Sullivan


Boy on Stairs by Joel Wothington