Still Life Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Je Suis Charlie by Cedric Blanchon



Quiet by Yunchao Ma


Music by Yulia Semenova


Unusual Manual by Anna Wang


Steady Your Nerves by Todd Leban


Parted Down the Middle by Todd Leban


A Table by Xuelian Li


Green Tea by Moon Moon Hossain


Still Life with Winter Veggies by Moon Moon Hossain


A Mask Lying on the Table by Anna Wang


Too Many Secrets by Natalia Garcias


Burn in Hell by Todd Leban


Three Forks by Michelle Simmons


Coffee Time by Olga Pronina


Yellow by Cindy Buske


Which One? by Frederic Deschenes


Sweet Bloom by Rosie Karel


Collections from Nature and Beyond by Lynne Daley


At Midday by Kunkun Liu


Red, Yellow and Blue by Jian Cui


Yellow by Ben Liu


Sunday Morning by Ova Hamer


Shower Head by Ben Liu


Everybody Hurts by Agnes Neumayer


Fading Beauty by Eleni Gemeni