Still Life Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Lamp by Kuanglong Zhang



Bailey Island, Maine Interior by Charles Hively


Measure by Measure by Jacob Dix


Amazonas by Jacob Dix


Fish On Red by Tee Lip Lim


Lemons in Monochrome by Lynne Daley


Endings by Barbara Nebel


Rainbow in the Window Vince Keresnyei


Flying by Soemyint Winn/


A lot of Feetwork by Ellen Kemper


Chair by Yuexiang Wang


My Little Radio by Lee Smith


Purple Cabbage by Lee Smith


Hydrant by Shusen Jia


Flower Arrangement of a Peasant Woman by Shusen Jia


Tawilis Freshwater Sardines from the Philippines by Rommel Lugada


Coffee Break in UPLB by Rommel Lugada


Turn on by Yu Yang


shadow by Kuanglong Zhang


Reflections on the Past by Klaudia Chwastek


Concrete and Glass by Susan Bahen


Looking out over the Old City of Jerusalem by JuliAnne Kaplan


Elegant Lady by Alice Ng


Traces by Alice Ng


Vegetables by Yu Huang


Flying Under the Skin by Helena Rubi Cano