Street Photography Winners | 8th Annual MPA


Running on Empty by Laurence Bouchard



RYGBVW by Glenn Homann


Threads by Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez


Do Whatever You Want by Heather McAlister


Moto en la niebla by Unai Momoitio


“L” train by Marco Prado


Wish You Were Here by Dina Alfasi


Shave by Wang Jian


High Noon by Wang Jian


Heatwave by Laurence Bouchard


Dark Entries by Laurence Bouchard


One Step Ahead by Laurence Bouchard


Salad Fingers by Laurence Bouchard


Ninety Two by Douwe Dijkstra


Step by Step Rodrigo Rivas


Saber by Rodrigo Rivas


Shaving Lines by Rodrigo Rivas


Kiss by Katarzyna Steblewicz-Plak


Underground Love by Ocean Morisset


Underground Love II by Ocean Morisset


Lost by Yongmei Wang


Let’s Fly by Moin Ahmed


Loneliness with a Coffee by Ana Fernandez Quiros


Way by Mario Perez


Grown Ups by Xiao Yi Lee


Don’t Look at Me by SiuMing Chan


Hand in Hand by Song Han


Separation by Kimberley Wallis


Hanging Relationships by Yiannis Yiasaris


The Bridge by Glenn Homann