Transportation Winners | 8th Anuual MPA


Happy Train by Dina Alfasi



Drive Thru by Glenn Homann


Life Choices by Robert Pearson-Wright


Wheels by Dina Alfasi


Japanese Commuter by Tee Lip Lim


Liberty’s Ride by Tommy Wallace


Abandoned Train by Agnieszka Domanska


Ghosts by Agnieszka Domanska


Old Way by Claudine Watanabe


Waiting by Karen Izenberg


My Ride is Here by Karen Izenberg


Winter Train Story by Magdalena De Jonge Malucha


New Life by Mariusz Majewski


Waiting for the Train to Go by Richard Barron


Let’s Go by Dominika Koszowska


Tokyo Daily Life by Dayen Huang


Retired by Rad Drew


Untitled, Hanoi by Cara Gallardo Weil


Floating Village by Liu Bo


Family Warriors by Sugiman Widodo


Village Under the Highway by William Shum


Tiring Trip by Yuexiang Wang


Pontiac Torpedo by Lee Smith


Copacabana by Demetrio Jereissati


Snowboard 1 by Carles Costa Parareda


Trainspotting by Jeff Feeny


Freedom (Red, Blue & White) by Smita Rakshit


Yellow Bikes in Beijing Snow by Ben Cooper


Tokyo Rush by Juan Carlos Pinto


Red Umbrella & Old Car by Luis Figueroa