Transportation Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Peak Hour in Tokyo by Jeff Liang



Untitled by Cara Gallardo Weil


The Young Rider by Mark Anthony Agtay


Enjoy Cycling Yasuhito Shigaki


Cloudburst by Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez


My Mother’s Promises Brendan Ó Sé


Kastoria Boat by Xan Lazaridis


The Desert Ride by Roza Ludwikowska


Sunrise over the Nile by Sharon Gould


Foggy Approach by Jack Culbertson


Underground As We Go by Burcu Ozturk


Running after the Helicopter by Nan Wang


The Louis Vuitton Bridge of Lisbon by Daniel Heilig


Elephant Riding by Kuanglong Zhang


Auto Distortion – Flakkebjerg by Jens Vange


Havana Taxi by Penni James


Road in Tunisia by Benny Lau


Riz-Zoawd by Shusen Jia


Little Captain by Shusen Jia


Overload by Shusen Jia


Climb by Dan Liu


Suspension by Thea Mihu


Turn Of The Wheel by Tommy Vohs


Casser La Croûte by Frederic Deschenes


Sunset by William Shum


At the Lake by Valeria Cammareri