Travel & Adventure Winners | 9th Annual MPA


Hiking in Norway by Huapeng Zhao



Beauty In Daily Life by Hlaing Myint Min


Drying Colorful Yarns by Hlaing Myint Min


There is Only a Thin Line between the Two Worlds by Wang Hsiu Ling


The Road To The Summit by Frederic Deschenes


Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Bali by Amanda Wachtentdonck


Lonely Trip by Yuexiang Wang


Travel in Autumn by Yuexiang Wang


Welcome to My Restaurant by Yuexiang Wang


Mam Tor by Tim Day


Through the Volcano by Dan Liu


Sunrise at Malham Cove by Leanne Weber


Catch of the Day in Mandalay, Myanmar by Penni James


Hello to the Answer of Why by Mayank Singh


Romantic Turkey Kuanglong Zhang


Las Vegas Night by Jiayu Su


The Desert Nomad by Daniel Heilig


Kids Just Wanna Have Fun by Daniel Heilig


Suri,Colors by Svetlin Yosifov


Minivan to Heaven by Olivia Iles


The Woman in the Old Town by Yu Huang


On the Road of Cappadocia by Sukru Mehmet Omur


Which Way? by Jennifer Downing


Selim Cage by Vince Keresnyei


Traditional Java Sugar Maker by Zanariah Salam


The Beauty of Restoration by Sharon Gould


Haldi on the Top by Donell Gumiran


A Helping Hand, Chefchaouen by Vinh Luu