Visual FX Winners | 10th Annual MPA


Mrs Klimt Had Her Own Sense of Style by Jen Mckenzie



Bayside Beauty by Raewyn Senff


Comfortably Numb by Raewyn Senff


Guetta Works by Roger Guetta


Carnival by Roger Guetta


Being There by Roger Guetta


Social Cretin by Cedric Blanchon


Me, Myself and I by Robin Robertis


Agapanthus by Mark Kinrade


A Walk is Only a Step Away from a Secret World by Catherine Halsør


There’s Only One Place I Want to Go by Lorenka Campos


Dreaming of Escape Will Keep You Up at Night by Lorenka Campos


We All Have Wings by Lorenka Campos


Symphony in Red – Minuet with Birds by Jane Schultz


Turning Point by Juta Jazz


2020 by Carol Addassi


Speedway by Lurline Slater


Beach in Pandemic Times by Adelino Marques


Cold Day by Jill Booker


Uncertainty by Linda Hollier


Indigo Sincerity by Linda Hollier


Moonrise by Charles Needle


Lady Rose by Eleni Gemeni


The Barriers Within by Eleni Gemeni


Obscure Dandelions Eleni Gemeni


The Merrymaker by April Bloome


Shaken by Amanda Parker


Bandaged Moments by Peter Wilkin


Truth is Within by Joe Kandiko